how to read more during the school year.

Let’s face it: once school comes around- be it university, high school, or any other form of education- our priorities tend to change. As the assignments pour in and the work piles up, it can be challenging to find time to simply sit down and read for fun. Here are some tips that I find work for me once classes are back in session:


Choose books you really want to read.

If you’re not looking forward to reading a certain book, you’ll be a lot less likely to find time to pick it up. This is not the time to read those books on your TBR you don’t have a lot of interest in anymore. Go and read those books you’ve been dying to read!

Read before bed.

You’ve probably heard this before, but it’s true: reading before bed is awesome. If you’re tired enough to begin with then it will help you fall asleep, and it’s a great, quiet time to unwind and focus on the world inside the novel. Even just ten minutes before bed is better than not reading at all!

Find a reading buddy.

Reading a book with someone else will make you more apt to find more time to read. Or start a reading group or book club- the more the merrier! Not only will it be more fun, but you’ll get more out of the story because you’ll be discussing it with other people.

Listen to audiobooks.

Often times we don’t read because we can’t physically hold a book in our hands. You might not be able to walk and read a physical book at the same time, but you can certainly walk and listen to an audiobook! Download one onto your phone or other device to listen to while you’re walking to class, waiting in line, jogging- anytime!

Read during the cracks in your schedule.

Everyone is busy, but there are always those little slivers of daylight during which nothing is really going on. Sitting in your desk waiting for class to begin. Waiting for your friends to get to your table in the cafeteria during lunch. Trying to pass the time while so-and-so is meeting with a teacher after school. Any time you’re waiting for something is the perfect time to read- just be sure to always carry a book with you!

And there you have it! I hope these tips are helpful! What advice do you have for reading more during the school year? Let me know in the comments section below!



10 thoughts on “how to read more during the school year.

  1. I used to read before bed in college all the time, but only if I had a physical book because looking at a screen is bad for you before you fall asleep. I also took advantage of my many breaks in between classes. It’s how I read the whole Delirium trilogy by Lauren Oliver. I’ve never done the audiobook thing, though. I don’t know how I feel about them. I feel like it’s cheating. The only time I ever used one was when I had to read Beowulf in Old English and I listened to it as I read along.

  2. You can also be like me and bring your Kindle into class and place it in your notebook so your teacher can’t see it. Haha. I did this in Biology because my teacher had to repeat what he taught two or three times for the people in class who couldn’t get it the first time. I got it the first time, so I’d read while he repeated himself. πŸ™‚

    This is a great post!

  3. Having a book with you during those slow moving classes is wonderful, especially if you don’t know anyone in the class XD That’s what I’ve been doing during a couple classes of mine this year and it gets me reading more

  4. There is always the danger, for me, that once I get started on reading books not necessarily related to my course (ok, let’s face it, it’s not a case of ‘necessarily’ at all…) I won’t stop! And I’ll live in a perpetual state of procrastination! *sobs*

    I tend to put much of my ‘for my own pleasure’ books on hold until I’m done with the studies.. else it’s just too much of a temptation. Boring old academic textbook, or the next in that series I’ve been waiting for? xD

  5. Haha, a great post! It’s so hard to read as much as you usually do when you’re back in classes, especially when you have exams coming up!

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  7. I always read before bed, even if it’s just one chapter. My school starts on Tuesday and I have a lot of gaps between classes. I should use those for studying… but we all know what I’ll be doing instead :o)

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  9. Yep. These are all really good ideas. I ensure that I always have an audiobook and an ebook choice on my tablet, which I take everywhere for uni and hospital work. The other thing that I do is I keep the difficult and hefty books for long weekends and holidays, and read “easier” and fun books during the school year.

  10. I always read before I go to sleep. That is my standard reading time. I also try to bring a book with me, so I can read on my way to school and you can always squeeze in some reading time into your schedule πŸ˜€ Great tips!

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